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Domestic Violence Attorney in Irvine, California

Irvine Domestic Violence Attorney Serving Orange County and surrounding cities.

Those arrested for domestic battery face not only the actual criminal charges, but restraining orders, loss of job duties or employment, Couple Yelling Face to Faceand more. When arrested for domestic violence it is imperative to engage an experienced California spousal battery attorney. Domestic violence arrests require prompt and strategic action to avoid lifelong damage and conviction. In many cases, a good lawyer can prevent a case from being filed through proactive measures.

Irvine DV lawyer William J. Duffy has extensive experience fighting the tactics of aggressive prosecutors and negotiating with the court affording his clients better outcomes and in many cases dismissal of serious criminal charges.

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Beware: How an Orange County Criminal Attorney can help you avoid the common pitfalls.

Those charged with spousal battery or battery on a cohabitant must consider more than just a possible jail term, but the ancillary damage to their lives:

Loss of Reputation; Loss of Employment; Loss of Professional License; Financial Ruin; Damage to children; Damage to the Marital Relationship; Retraining Orders; Permanent Record of Police Encounter; Loss of Gun Rights, and more.

Ignoring the arrest or trying to forget until your court date is not the right answer. Due to the current global pandemic, local court closures and heightened police scrutiny there has never been a better time to hire a good local attorney who can garner every advantage for you.

Our clients are experiencing better outcomes due to our strategy of beginning work on your case from day one. What is your best strategy? A quick “cookie-cutter” approach does not elicit the best outcome for you, so we spend the time necessary to achieve the desired results.

Irvine criminal attorney, William J. Duffy, has substantial experience serving Orange County residents with a comprehensive and personalized touch. Mr. Duffy knows how overwhelming impending criminal charges can be. Mr. Duffy and his associates will work diligently to help you obtain a fresh start.

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